How To Get An Online Law Enforcement Certification In The USA?

With the changing nature of crimes and the increasing rise in them, it is essential for law enforcement professionals to gear themselves up.

This can be easily done by enhancing and fine-tuning skills, expertise, and mind. Many online courses and certifications aim to achieve precisely this. So, it is a fantastic choice to get enrolled in a relevant course, gain hands-on experience, and get a certification.

But the difficult part comes here. How can you find a suitable online law enforcement certification in the USA?

How Can I Get An Online Law Enforcement Certification In The USA?

If you are worried about choosing the right online certification to enforce law and order, don't worry; we have you covered. Let’s discuss some easy steps you can follow to get this much-needed and highly-valued certification.

1. Research All the Available Types of Certifications

The first step is to see what different types of in-person and online courses are available on the market that is relevant to your law enforcement field. It is important to determine this because there are several different types of specific certifications available on the market, so you will want to find the right one for yourself.

2. Shortlist The Relevant Certifications And Review Their Requirements

The next step is to see which certifications are relevant to what you want to learn. Once you have jotted down a solid list, it is time to start reviewing them. Why? Because each certification course or program comes with different requirements, costs, and ease of access.

So you must review them to see if you fit the eligibility criteria and if the course fits your needs. Moreover, you can also see if you have time to commute for face-to-face learning. If not, choosing law enforcement online classes is an excellent option. This will further help you to shorten your list of possible law enforcement certifications.

3. Select An Accredited Program From The Shortlisted Certifications

In this step, you will go through your list of shortlisted certifications you are eligible for and then look for accredited certifications. It is important to find a program accredited by an authorized and recognized organization. 

Why? Because it ensures that the program outline and curriculum will meet the quality standards accepted in the market. Moreover, such a certification will also be recognized by your employers. IADLEST is one such organization that accredits different certification programs for law enforcement, like detectives, police officers, and crime analysts.

4. Get Enrolled In The Chosen Certification Program

Once you have chosen the best certification program for law enforcement, the next step is to enroll yourself in that program. Many courses provide online study materials and testing online as well. Such courses will be easier to complete at your own pace from the convenience of wherever you are.

5. Complete The Course Successfully And Get The Certification

Lastly, you must successfully complete the course in which you got enrolled. You must complete all the coursework, assessments, and training efficiently. Then, you will be eligible to gain the certification at the end of the course.

Why Is Getting An Online Law Enforcement Certification Important In The USA?

With increasing rates of crimes in the US, it is essential to find out newer and more efficient ways to fight, control, and eliminate crimes. Data evaluation and analysis provide an efficient way to fight crime on daily basis.


Let’s build a real-time case to understand this.

In 2020, the crime rates in the USA increased by a lot. Aggravated assault increased by 11.7%, motor vehicle theft increased by 11.4%, and murder increased by 28.9% in the whole country. It was an alarming situation that shocked everyone.

What if we had not been caught off guard but prepared instead?

Through statistical and data analysis, we know many crimes increased in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. People were locked in their homes, many lost their jobs, and many had little human support throughout that time of seclusion. Some people became financially, mentally, and emotionally unstable. Many lost their sources of income, and many became susceptible to depression. This, all in all, lead to this situation being ripe for an increase in criminality across the country.

What if we had measured the statistics in the hour of need? 

We would have found that the ratio of unemployed people was growing, and the percentage of aggression and depression was increasing among people. And with this knowledge, we could have expected crimes like theft (which might stem from financial instability) and aggravated assault (which might stem from aggression and depression) to increase in the coming weeks and months.

With this insight, preventive measures could have been taken in advance. So now you can understand with a clear standpoint why data is so crucial to fighting crime.  As such, every law enforcement professional should have data gathering, evaluation, and analytical skills for more effective crime control.

BlueForce Learning | One Of The Best Law Enforcement Certification Firms In The USA

BlueForce learning is an online certification platform for law enforcement professionals, with offerings such as Microsoft law enforcement certifications. We offer online law enforcement certifications accredited by IADLEST, an organization that oversees the ‘National Certification Program (NCP)’ in order to establish law enforcement training standards across the US.

Our aim is to make this place a better place for everyone to live in and support our law enforcement community with the tough work that they have in front of them. We provide many data-related and excel certifications for police and other law enforcement professionals. We deliver a hands-on experience in our courses.

In addition, we believe in giving back. As such, we give one dollar for every paid course to the families of officers killed in the line of duty, National Alliance on Mental Illness, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, and the National Policing Institute.